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Self-paced | 4-8 Grade Teachers | 5 Modules 

Start and end this course at your convenience; there are no due dates. Our recommended pace is one module per week. Expect to spend around 12 hours working on this course. 


Teachers will be able to teach computer science topics to upper elementary and middle school students using the Micro:Bit and included 10-lesson unit. 

This 5-module course is delivered online. Participants are encouraged to work on the course collaboratively in a group of 2-4 peers (optional). 

Each module should take around 1-2 hours to complete. A total of 12 PD clock hours for the entire course is suggested. 

All projects, activities, and content are directly applicable to teachers working with 4-8 grade students. At the end of the course, participants will receive a signed certificate of completion.

This course is recommended for upper elementary and middle school teachers who have some experience with teaching technology, basic computer science, or Scratch. 


As part of this course, you'll receive your own Micro:Bit kit to use and keep.